Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hold Me, the Case that holds it ALL!

Ever start packing to head out of town, you get to your cosmetics and such and end up with umpteen different cases, makeup bags and ziplocks to store everything you need to stay fab on your trip?? If so, you are not alone.

Lucky for us some brilliant mind with this same problem designed the ultimate traveling beauty case to combat this beauty woe. And even luckier for me, I stumbled across this great find just a couple weeks before I head to JA.

Hold Me...It's your vanity drawer, the clutter on your bathroom counter, that bulky travel organizer, and you know, those mismatched little zippered cases in your purse. All rolled (literally) into one super neat bag!!

This bag is practical and stylish, made with a Knew Suede outer and interior highlights from sleek, washable cotton in your choice of 3 designs: Miss Suki, Vanity Dames or Les Fleurs. There's also a an all black, all suede version as well.

The tie closure accommodates varying degrees of depth, depending upon the number and shapes of your enclosed items. The center section, "heart", of the bag can hold various palettes that can easily be used while they are open. The center section has a separate liner in the bottom, easily removable for cleaning, and for use outside the bag if needed. The brush/tool section has fifteen compartments; some will hold single items and some, multiple items.

Hold Me retails for $100. If you've got a few extra bucks to burn, I definitely think this case is a wise investment. *ordering my Hold Me NOW*

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